Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad day for flying

Did you ever notice that hawks don’t like to fly when there is no wind? The days that are the most calm you find them chillin on fence posts, in trees, and just not flying. Now, although I don’t fly, I do believe understand how they feel. Lately things have been comparatively easy for me; because of this I seem to have lost all effort to do anything productive at all. (Hence my writing this post instead of doing my Advanced Stat’s homework.) But I believe this is true for most people, the harder life gets, the more they try. It is in the hard times that we find the hero in ourselves. It is in the tragedies that we find out how strong we are, and in general, when life turns up the heat we start movin. Unfortunately that means the easy times we tend to relax and get lazy.

Admittedly, some people just give up when life gets “windy” instead of pushing forward and flying. Maybe its because they don’t know how wonderful it feels to fly, the huge feeling that accomplishing your goals gives you.

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