Thursday, June 17, 2010

More of my random poetry (not completely finished, but it may never be):

Summer Fields

When I stop my car,
To deep cornfields on either side
I listen,
Over the hum of my engine,
To hear a whisper,
The wind rippling through
The long copper stalks.
Sifting its fingers through
Leaves and stems
Bending sinuously
They speak together
And I listen
To see what they say
But their voices
Just tangle
Till they are
Absolutely inseparable


Crystal rain falls from the trees,
Constellations etch the ground
Where silver stars are silhouettes

Tree fingers stretching far
Snowy flowers blooming thick
Beautiful white winter flowers

Ravenous winds bit the skin
Breath like steam engine puffs
Break the fringed air with warmth

Walks in Summer

The night salivating mystery like
All sweet, sticky summers before,
How delectable dark and dusky
The evening looks from here,
Sleepy bird songs chatter
Evening hymns and lullabies
And goodbyes
And harmonies of us
Sweating, pacing ourselves delicately
Till we return home,
Darkness falling thick
Encompassing the smell of deep summer