Friday, February 27, 2009

Poems I wrote this week

Here are some non-traditional poems, I figured I should be trying something new once in a while. This is an odd spur of the moment poem and still needs work, but I am posting it anyway because, probably, no one will read it but me, so it doesn't matter :)

Today I spied a gate with locks

The kind of gate that no one knocks

Behind the house looked like a box

Made of tears and cedar blocks

From the hall I hear tick-tocks

So strange each passer-bye just gawks

In the yard where tree shaped rocks

Between these trees were strung old socks

Near the gate was gray old ox

Playing with a music box

The tune he played was sweet

He looked at me and then he talks

“Listen now, beware the fox

For the world he bleakly mocks

He, good fortune, always stalks

Within your shadow, there he walks

Soon ill fortune comes in flocks

After him it comes like pox

This suddenness it always shocks.

A wise man builds and then he calks

He leaves no boat upon his docks.

Wise men still have food to eat

These poems I made about rain and storms.

I like the sound of the rain

I do

The pit-pat in makes

I lean my face against the window,

Cold and comforting

The woolly gray blanket sky

Hanging above me

Soft and soothing

It’s cozy like this

It is

Click click tick, the rain and clock

Speak together

The clock like my heart

The steady beat

The rain like some wild thing

Just out of reach

The untamed beast

Is the wind

This feral fiend

Is the storm

This visceral gale

Tempest strong

Calm thy temper

Fade thy ire

Compose these winds

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