Monday, September 26, 2011

Ahh, sweet emotions, how do I express thee?

More poetry, as it seems to be all I have time for these days. Again, this could use polishing, but I say that as if someone will actually read it. Oh blog, essentially I use you strictly for storage purposes, mostly for all those under credited emotional thoughts. Congratulations!

Little Locked Boxes

Emotions are so easy for you

You wear them around

Like a coat of furs

Show them off like many colors

Adorned like a necklace

Not so for me

I feel them so strongly

Like being ripped apart

Torn at the seams

Until my leaves rain off

And my petals are scorched

So I hide them away

In little locked boxes

Safe in secret spaces

Until it’s time to open

And then the tears come

Or the laughter like fountains

Sometimes I leave them too long

Or forget how to open them

Dusty musty feelings

Like old pearls in the attic

Dust in the sun,

Slanting from the roof

I need pictures then,

Or memories, or songs

To pull the feelings out

Shyly drawn to the sound

That is so much like them

A delicate colt, scared

Tumbling fourth

Or a heard of wild mustangs

Come to trample me underfoot

But come they must

For their absence is worse

And my mask will crack

With time and stress of use

So draw them out

Magic colors, sounds, tastes,

Smells, memories

Draw out the waves

Bring them to me

As I dance to the tune

Of emotions

And brace myself delicately

For the onslaught

Earth-song Lullaby

Fall asleep, windows wide open

The winds breath a lullaby

Like distant ocean choruses

Sighing into your dreams

Tasting savory of salt and sweet flowers

The tang of sunsets and warm days

And leave wide your doors

In hopes of lovely things

The distant night music

Swaying and gliding

A rhythm of movement

As the world turns

And a thousand distant lights

Like stars on the ground

Twinkle and wink delicately

Beautiful moments

That seep into your soul

Sweet and innocent

They brand themselves

A mark on your heart

Always calling you back

Both bitter and sweet,

As memories are

But sleep now love

Sleep peacefully, and dream,

As the earth sings to you

In its own way, a complex chorus

That moves ever on

Whatever may happen

Good or bad

It will be there, a comfort,

The song of life and living

Moving and breathing.

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