Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prayer for Healing


I am yours, in complete

Even as a child I was yours

Would you leave me like this?

Would you leave me in pain?

You provide, provide for me!

My body aches, I am afflicted

What have I been doing?

It is the work you set me too

The work you called me into

And yet I am laid like a lamb before the slaughter


I know your name

I know you heal

You have done it before

Do it again!

Do not let my anguish continue

Do not let me resign to this

A life of agony

You are healer, you are master


What peace you have

Give to me!

Let me find still waters

Restore me! For I am week

Strong Father

And what do I need but you

My soul cries out

Lamb! Lamb! You were slain

Oh God, your Son, died

His blood over our sins

The scripture says:

“By his wounds you have been healed”

What is it to you?

Such a small thing


I never understand your ways O God

Your thoughts are too great for me

You never come as I imagine

I am always amazed

What is it you are doing?

I do not understand

Or cannot


If you are for us

Who can be against us?

Do I have to fear?

Lord my God

Victory and overcomer

Go before me,

Lead me in the way everlasting

Lead me on the path

That is taken less often

Ease my discomfort

And hold me up

My strong arm, you are

You with the victory for me

Because you love me

And in your love, I can love

In your strength, I am strong

Never a day goes by

Where you are not with me

Hold me Abba, Dear Father

Hold me near

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