Sunday, May 3, 2009

New poem

After the Rain

Still and Silent
I walk this way, to
Leave peace undisturbed
Little drops chime into
My thoughts, into little
Puddles, that reflect
Gray clouds drifting by
Thick(deep), unabated by
Little puffs of wind
A Hazy darkness lay’s
In the reflections of
Trees reaching up from
The ground to stroke
The surface of reality
The leaves dance
Caught in a small breeze
And my own face looks
Up at me with wonder
In the eyes of the trees
And me, and out of the
Dark sticky-sweet air
Falls a pale pink flower which
Reflects than becomes real
Floating tranquil
On its own self
So, it is not, then, me
Looking up at me,
Only a reflection
An image of my shell

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