Friday, September 14, 2012

In Desperation -> God

In Desperation -> God
It isn’t until we hurt desperately that we can truly cry out to God like the deer panting in thirst, and hear his sweet whisper like water. It isn’t until we lie on the ground sobbing, praying without the words to even explain, that we can feel his comfort near as our own selves, near as our own pain. And not just near like a human can be near. He is the only one who can be truly near, truly walk WITH us; KNOWING us. As he wipes the judgment from our brows and the tears from our eyes, we see His character so clearly. I truly adore Him, for saving me from sin, and for saving me daily. As someone who is always too hard on themselves, to the point of mentally punishing myself for mistakes, I survive because God speaks to me without condemnation. He reminds me I am his love, his pride, his joy. He teaches me when I need to do something different, but he never points the finger, and reminds me to stop doing it to myself.
Thank you Abba; thank you Patient Father

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